Hyundai i40 sat nav problems


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Hyundai Car Navigation System Owner's Manual

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I posted this warning on the KIA forum - but the message is probably equally applicable to Hyundai owners The result is shown in column B. You will see that the system, Bluetooth and Firmware versions all changed. Yesterday, I was playing with the sat nav and on a whim checked the various versions. To my surprise the System, Bluetooth, Nav and Firmware versions had reverted to their Feb settings before I updated the firmware.

See column D. It would appear that this happened when I updated the maps because I have not made any changes to the sat nav other than those described above. Today I re-installed the latest firmware update and the result is shown in column E.

The System, Bluetooth. Nav and Firmware versions have all been updated. Hence any members who have updated their firmware and maps should take another look at their settings to make sure they are correct and that one update has not over-written another.

The ones supplied today are at least 18 months to 2 years out of date. As an example, the main A45 was re-routed just over a year ago to enable the runway at Birmingham airport to be extended.

Hyundai i40 touch screen Problem (Repair)

AlanHo Geriatric Teenager Author. I have a Garmin tooo - but despite having the latest update - the maps are more than a year out of date How can they claim the maps are the latest if some 18 months out of date when the google map on my tablet shows the road you mention doing a slight "bow" at the end of the runway Quote from: Saracen on August 20, I remember one of the Sante Fe owners reporting this on HOCGB - dealer installed a map update and the customer-updated firmware was regressed.

I ignored the "keep engine running" advice when updating my firmware. The process lasted 30 mins. No way would I have let my engine idle that long Posts: 8, Scotland Aberdeen. I tend to download updates before going on a long trip, then set the installation to go once onto the open road, I once did the update on the i40 on idle as the instructions said "a few minutes", yeah more like 35, once bitten twice shy!!

Kia Sportage 3, 1. Brian Are the software and firmware versions on your Ceed the same as my Venga? Quote from: AlanHo on August 20, Go Up.

SMF 2. SimplePortal 2. Read times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.It opens up some functionalities that are otherwise locked and by doing so, allows you to install other programs. The functionalities are endless, because it allows you to install any compatible app on your device. So, what can you do with Menaco? You can check the type of your unit by pressing the gear-button for 10 seconds on the front panel of the radio.

A window will appear showing your firmware version. LAN2 : models the number contains three digits: 3. DIVX : If you see a version with 6 digits such as You can recognize this version with numbers such as ST.

hyundai i40 sat nav problems

Car models Hyundai Genesis, Hyundai i40 with the new DivX navigation system are available from eind of All green versions above will work without problems on your Hyundai System! Installing Menaco is actually quite easy; it will cost you around 15 minutes. Checkout Added to cart. Toggle navigation. Hyundai alternative navigation Welcome Hyundai drivers! Great to see you on our site :. Let us introduce Menaco to you. What is Menaco for Hyundai?

Almost all Hyundai models from are supported. Check below how to make sure yours is too! What can you do with Menaco? Check it out here! Download Menaco for Hyundai! MediaPlay theme from Menaco. SanDisk USB stick. Original theme. Rear View Camera Wireless. Copyright Mena. Menaco is add-on firmware for Renault, Dacia, Kia and Hyundai cars.

It provides alternative navigation like 7ways and Navitel, a video player, a file manager, internet access, rear-view camera and more. The firmware and license are held by Wide Road Ltd. The website of Mena.Apparently you can turn it off but I never discovered how. Everyone placed it above our long-term Peugeot SW, which was also on the holiday. I mean test. Hyundai claims All I can say is that the i40 is a great first step. It's all in the mind of course, but there is something satisfying about a range of over miles.

Makes you feel like you're getting value for money. So you have to pay for that minor pleasure.

hyundai i40 sat nav problems

I could push it even higher though — Hyundai claims a combined fuel figure of If I 'hypermile', and touch the throttle like it's a bed of hotcoals and I'm barefoot, it's pretty easy to get 42 or 45mpg, briefly — though that's hard to sustain because I'm always in such a rush.

Imagine if I got it up to 60mpg — I'd see a mile range on the trip. Of course, the other disadvantage our i40 has in trying to achieve its official fuel economy figures is its perpetual payload. The i40's interior is enormous and — either by coincidence or perhaps just through opportunism — it's usually carrying something heavy. Last week I helped a friend move out a few boxes of books. We folded the i40's rear seats down, and discovered the rear bench doesn't fold forwards to give you a flat floor — instead, the rear seat backs simply drop onto the bench, giving you a floor that gently slopes upwards towards the dashboard.

Still, no matter — it's still a big load area, and by the time we'd loaded up the rear suspension looked under some strain. Poor Hyundai — pulling away from junctions it felt like I was driving a oil tanker. How is it ever going to reach 60mpg when I drive it like this?

If that sounds like something a headteacher would say about a new kid in class, that's because there are similarities in getting to know people and cars. Like, 'first impressions count', for example. The i40 Tourer is a strikingly handsome car, with a bold, swept crease through the flanks and those angry staring headlights.

It's clearly influenced by the Chris Bangle revolution in European car design, with every panel a fluid mix of convex and concave curves, but that's no bad thing. Hyundai's aim is to beat the premium European makes at their own game, and the i40 is a great start. Most people who see it in the metal seem to like it straight away.

First impressions inside are good too. Ours is a mid-range Style model, which means a classy black cloth trim, Bluetooth, touchscreen sat-nav, parking sensors and rear-view camera, cruise control and dual-zone climate control, all as standard equipment. So far I'm loving the Bluetooth connection to the iPhone you can play music wirelessly through it too ; and hating the way the navigation only allows the first five characters in a postcode, which means you have to enter the whole address to find your destination.

Surely that's how sat-navs used to work a few years ago, not in ?Sign up to the Carbuyer newsletter. Carbuyer rating.

hyundai i40 sat nav problems

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Full Review Video Pictures 19 Owner reviews Hyundai i40 saloon Verdict 2. Carbuyer rating Rating. Stuart Macaulay from London,UK. I would recommend this car to a friend.

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Year of registration. Average annual mileage. Typical MPG. Owned for. When I was required to drive from London to Manchester for a week long business trip I decided to rent a car for the trip.

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The Hire Company gave me a i40 which had only miles on the clock. Initially I felt a little let down, how could they give me a Hyundai! But after looking over the car I was pleasantly surprised by the styling. While from the back it does look a little odd, it's without a shadow of a doubt a brilliant looking car from the front. The day running lights are also a very nice feature.

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The interior was also very surprising, a lot more stylish than I had expected with a nice 'flow' particularly in comparison to other interiors.

Everything was in reach and there were lots of cubby holes to put things in. Not once in the 8 hours I spent in this car traveling up and down England was I ever uncomfortable. The cruise control, sat-nav, iPod connectivity were all great. The contacts menu on the phone settings appeared to have problems recalling multiple numbers from specific contacts.

While these are not really huge complaints they do require a bit more attention from say the important task of driving than I would have liked. The engine itself was nice and responsive at low RPM but ran out of puff at higher revs. The auto gearbox was nice and smooth while driving around town and I hardly noticed the gear changes.

Hyundai i40 (2013–2019) review

The kick down response when going for full acceleration was a bit delayed, but otherwise a very civil car to drive. What also impressed me was the fantastic fuel efficiency of this engine, cruise control on at 70mph on a motorway I managed to get over 50mpg.

I filled the car up from near empty, around 55l, did around miles and still had an estimated miles left in the tank. When driving it's a nice comfortable smooth ride. The sound system is a little lacklustre despite boasting a subwoofer. However engine noise is barely audible and road noise is pretty quiet.Past Hyundai family cars haven't been big sellers, but the Hyundai i40 has managed to buck that trend somewhat. Its combination of bold looks, a spacious cabin and a long kit list have given it appeal ever since it arrived in Unfortunately, time has moved on, and while the family car class has taken a beating courtesy of the popularity of SUVs, the i40 hasn't kept pace with other cars in the class either.

There was an update in with revised specification and a subtle tweak of the looks, but the i40 was already a handsome looking family car already, so it didn't need much doing to it. As always, there are two body styles to choose from: the i40 saloon and i40 Tourer estate. Rivals for the i40 are the usual family car suspects. Unlike the Optima, there's no hybrid option in the i40, just a 1. This motor has a decent mix of performance and economy, though, which means the i40 is popular with company car buyers.

All cars are front-wheel drive with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, although a seven-speed DCT auto is available with the more powerful engine. Standard kit includes inch alloy wheels, seven airbags, Bluetooth, stop-start, a multifunction steering wheel, heated electric door mirrors, auto lights and air conditioning.

As is usual with Hyundai models, there aren't many options, and you're expected to move up a trim level if you want more kit. One highlight of the i40 range is its pricing. And of course the i40 comes with Hyundai's excellent 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The Hyundai i40 isn't the most exciting car to drive, but it gets a lot of things right. While it's not the most spacious family car on sale, it has plenty of useable space, while the all-diesel engine line-up offers great economy that will keep your running costs down.

Higher spec cars are well equipped and reasonably priced, while that Hyundai five-year warranty holds plenty of appeal, too. If you want an honest, reliable family car that gets the job done without fuss, then the i40 fits the bill.

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Just don't expect it to deliver a memorable driving experience. Under the skin, the Hyundai i40 shares its platform with the Kia Optimaand it has a conventional front engine, front-wheel drive layout.

The i40 is geared towards the everyday motorway slog, rather than being a finely honed back roads blaster. However, the update in saw new suspension settings added which means the Hyundai is more capable than you might imagine.

That's despite a surprising amount of roll from the soft suspension, although the i40 does feel relatively light on its feet when compared to some family car rivals, although a Mazda 6 will run rings around it for sporty driving ability. The upshot of the i40's supple set-up is a comfortable ride, and it glides over bumps and potholes with great composure.

But while the car is comfortable, it generates more wind, road and engine noise on the motorway than most rivals. While the similar Kia Optima comes with a hybrid option, the Hyundai i40 is only offered with a 1. It comes in two power outputs, though, badged PS and PS.

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Both come with a six-speed manual as standard, which has a reasonable shift, if not quite as positive as a VW gearbox, while the more powerful motor can be had with a seven-speed DCT twin-clutch auto.

The 1. The PS motor gives the i40 a lethargic mph time of Add the DCT auto and this increases to The engine itself is pleasantly refined, while a useful Nm of torque is offered by the more powerful version.

As a result, the Korean machine feels punchy when you really push on, and it's well suited to towing, too. When it comes to reducing the impact on your bank balance, the Hyundai i40 makes a decent amount of sense. The entry-level car has a reasonable amount of kit, but the top-spec car is packed with goodies, while the only option on all cars is metallic paint. Official fuel economy for the i40 saloon sees the 1. With figures so close between the two power outputs, we'd choose the PS manual over the PS version.

In the real world, we managed On the plus side there's a litre fuel tank, which means there's the potential to travel almost miles between fills.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 CRDi (2012) long-term test review

Did you miss your activation email? Go Down. The radio, media, bluetooth and other buttons are still working fine. Seems the navigation "module" crashed or something. I tried restarting the unit using the pin reset at the upper left corner to no avail. Here are some photos: Any ideas? I'd disconnect overnight, if no joy on reconnect, off to the dealer. I'll bet it's running Windows CE too typical. Try holding the pin reset in for 30 seconds while it's all powered up.

Thanks guys, I'll try that. Quote from: jobski on July 18, A bit late reply but yes they replaced my unit in less than an hour. Its good as new and it works the way it should. I don't know what I've done before but I remember fiddling around with logging settings for the nav. Right now I refrain from doing so as it might happen again, but I will be waiting for a software update. Dazzler Laughter is the best medicine. Quote from: jobski on August 14, Petroleum, Manuel. Good news. Tertius the i Quote from: fatkoala on August 12, My SatNav has failed as well.

Shows the error message and won't go past the "Agree" button. Dealer has had a look and has ordered a replacement unit from Melbourne. Hope it lasts more than 3 weeks! BC solar Posts: 5 Australia Melbourne. Same problem for me now i. Have tried reset to factory settings.Page of 35 Go. Car Navigation System. Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference.

Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide 26 troubleshooting Page 2 This manual may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced or transmitted in any form either electronically or mechanically, including photocopying and recording, without the express written consent of Hyundai Mobis.

Manufactured under license from Dolby Manufactured under license under This user manual explains how to use Laboratories U. Page 5: Pre-overview 1.

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Page 12 2. Select the desired menu by using the 4-direction button. Page Operating The Ipod 2. Turn the TUNE knob on the control Hide Buttons The menu button and display information panel in clockwise or counter-clockwise Listening to iPod music will be hidden from the screen and only Page Bluetooth 3.

Page 17 When a phone is already paired Answering a call 3. Select the Bluetooth phone you wish to connect and press the button.

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